Our Proprietary MNP
& Tincture Technologies

Our Micellar NanoParticle Technology


A Proven Nanotechnology Platform

Our proprietary Micellar NanoParticle technology (MNP) is a proven nanotechnology platform. Over 30 pharmaceutical products have been reformulated as nanoformulations using the MNP platform– one of which is FDA approved and others are undergoing pre-clinical and clinical studies.


Benefits Of Our MNP Technology

The conversion of particles in a formulation to nanoparticles enhances the surface area for absorption up to a hundred-fold, leading to better absorption and superior products. Benefits include lower doses, higher stability, greater bioavailability, improved safety, and enhanced effectiveness when compared to traditional, non-nano products.


Challenges with Nanotechnology

Producing nanopharmaceuticals and nano-cosmeceutical products is exceptionally challenging, as these products usually do not have a long enough shelf-life to be marketed. Of the thousands of pharmaceutical drugs on the market, there are only about 20 nano drugs approved by the US FDA, including one from our MNP platform. After more than two years of development and testing, c’bella naturals is proud of the stable and absorbable nanoparticle CBD products we offer today.

Our Nano Lotions

We tested several popular CBD topical products and found most were not properly absorbed by the body, nor did they have the CBD amounts claimed on the label. Our experienced team of scientists spent two years experimenting, literally testing hundreds of formulations, in order to specifically design lotions that are properly absorbed by the body and will retain the stated potency on our label. We now proudly offer our MNP Platform CBD & Broad Spectrum Nano Lotions. Our Nano Lotions effectively deliver large, stable quantities of CBD into the body..
The figures below illustrate how this particular technology allows for efficient absorption of CBD by the skin, making it the best topical delivery platform for CBD available.
Our MNP Technology is the only technology that presents CBD in multiple, readily bioavailable fractions or forms. 
Within MNP, the different CBD fractions are:
  • CBD as Nanosize oil droplets
  • CBD Suspended as nanoparticles 
  • CBD as Micelles
  • CBD In Solution
The diagram shows different CBD fractions going across the skin at different speeds, establishing a depot of CBD in the skin. This depot releases CBD slowly and continuously into your bloodstream over a period of 24 hours– like a “Patchless Patch”.

Our Tinctures

As with CBD lotions, most CBD tinctures on the market suffer from the rapid degradation of potency. What’s in the bottle, unfortunately, is less than what’s claimed on the label (or more, as vendors try and compensate for degradation). Also, with CBD tinctures formulated with higher potencies, the CBD itself commonly comes out of the solution in a process known as precipitation. CBD sediment will be seen on the bottom of the bottle, meaning the CBD has precipitated, and the tincture is now unusable.
At c’bella naturals, we have produced the finest tinctures available. By experimenting with hundreds of formulations, with various combinations of ingredients in multiple proportions, we have identified conditions that render CBD tinctures stable. They have at least a 24-month shelf life, resist degradation, do not precipitate, and are very potent.