CBD & Cannabidiol

Challenges of Developing High-Quality, Effective Cannabis Products

The main challenge in the cannabis industry today has been developing high-quality products that your body can readily absorb and use. This is due to the fact that CBD and other cannabinoids are very complex and unstable molecules that decay, decompose and deteriorate when exposed to light (in particular, UV light), heat, air, and water.
While extractions of CBD and other cannabinoids from the Hemp plant are generally high quality, issues with CBD arise during formulation development. For example, a product with 1,500mg of CBD on the label is very likely to decay down to 30% or less of the originally stated potency within a month of manufacturing the formulation, due to the unstable nature of the cannabinoids.
Most products currently being sold are simple blends of cannabinoids with other ingredients that are formulated, packaged and sold to consumers. These products lack integrity where stability, bioavailability, and shelf-life are concerned, and buyers don’t know how much CBD they are actually purchasing. 
Producing stable CBD products with a longer shelf-life and those which the body can readily absorb and utilize, requires identifying external ingredients that can prevent the decomposition of CBD and facilitate its absorption by the body. Most manufacturers do not have the requisite state of the art technology and scientific capabilities, leading to sub-standard products.
At c’bella naturals, we stand behind the integrity of all our products. Through our parent company, SGN Nanopharma Inc, we have access to a full-fledge DEA approved lab with state of the art infrastructure and technology, where our team of scientists has been developing cannabinoid formulations for over three years. 
We conduct thorough, FDA recognized and approved tests such as Franz Diffusion Cell and Caco-2 Bioavailability studies to develop the most optimal retention, penetration, and bioavailability assays. These include skin penetration and retention studies. All products undergo extensive stability testing at room as well as elevated temperatures and humid conditions in Accelerated Stability Chambers, to ensure that the cannabinoids in the formulations are lab-tested for a year-long shelf-life at most temperatures. Our thoroughness allows our products to deliver what we claim so that our customers receive the same, reliable amounts of CBD from their first dose to the end of the bottle.
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