April 30, 2021

I was introduced to cbella naturals products by my grandson one month ago. I am 74 years old and I have been suffering from pain in both my thumbs diagnosed as carpo-metacarpal joint osteoarthritis.. The pain has compromised my hand movements such as lifting, opening bottles, shaking hands and had to switch to Namaste a long time ago.

I have tried several other products with no sustainable benefit. I started rubbing the cbella nano lotion twice a day on my thumbs. I could feel the pain receding within a few minutes of applying, and I was pretty much pain free after a couple of weeks of daily usage. I do experience some pain when I press hard on the bone but my hand is fully functional now and I can hold things in my hand which I could not before. Although I do take care and not strain the area too much. Remarkable product. Highly recommend it for pain relief.


This is my first time ever writing a product review but feels now that I must share my findings on this product. First, I am a professional nurse and business owner in Texas. I have suffered many years from nerve pain. Because of my knowledge of the many side effects of long term use of pain medication, I avoided it and have suffered silently. I was convinced by a friend to try the Hemp Nano Lotion 5%.

This is like a miracle product! It calms the inflammation which totally decreases the site pain and allows me to relax! I am thankful to God above for this product!!!

It is definitely worth the money!!!! I plan to even look into becoming a distributor so that my family has access!!!

Alphia S

I started using hemp last year when I had severe hip and knee pain. I found it to be helpful but inconsistent. Now that I have been using the c’bella for the last two months, I have consistent relief from my knee and hip pain. I have also found that a pleasant side effect is that I am less anxious and sleep better.

I started taking a scant half dropper an hour before bed to improve my sleep. I love that I don’t wake up groggy. I love being more relaxed without the worry of side effects. Knowing that the hemp that I buy actually has the hemp in a consistent and bioavailable form is very important to me.

Thank you c’bella for making my life more enjoyable. Whenever I have a headache or an overworked muscle I put the lotion where it hurts and 20 minutes later I’ve forgotten the problem!

Victoria T.

I am a 66 year old female. I have been diagnosed with sciatica and have had since a fall 4 years ago. I first began to use the C’Bella Tincture under my tongue every 4-6 hours and felt a decrease in my right hip pain.

I felt more confident in walking and more comfortable in sitting. I also started to use the C’Bella lotion to augment my pain regimen. I have noticed a marked improvement in my pain which has allowed me to sleep through the night.

“I love love my C’Bella tincture and lotion. Thanks so much.

Cynthia L.